Dedicated HR Support

Global KPO aims to provide dedicated HR support services to every business requirements according to their budget. By offering comprehensive HR consultancy services to all sized organizations, we strive to meet specific needs of each of our clients. Whether it is for a dedicated HR support or for laying the foundation of your organization’s HR system, we promise to be at your assistance. Through us you can access wide range of HR Services service such as recruitment services, HR consultancy, Organizational development, Employee engagement, Performance appraisal and management, Organization change management, PsycHuistric testing and even team development.

Real-time advisory support: Apart from reduced liability risk, Global KPO also will ensure to offer real-time advisory HR support services to all our clients. This service is most beneficial for both startups and for fully established organization. The real-time service is offered through emails and phone calls on a wide range of HR related topics such as compensation, termination, performance management, health and safety and more.

Comprehensive HR templates: In order to meet the company standards and also to be in line with industry, it is essential to use HR templates that are accepted officially. Being new organizations and startups it will not be an easy task to get professionals to create these templates for the company. We offer templates as part of HR support services to our clients for easy assistance and quick auctioning.

Complete Legal Primer: This will help in getting valuable information regarding everything like Human Rights to Worker’s compensation to employee termination to equity pay. This will ensure all activities are right from legal stand point and thus increase the company’s reputation or band value.