Compensation Structures and Loonanalyse

Whether it is for a detailed HR planning or to ensure proper Loonanalyse is conducted, we at Global KPO is structured to meet each needs of clients. Our systems are flexible enough to be customized as per each organization function, legislative requirements and volume of potential employees. We do understand the level of control the employer has over its employees and the degree of financial risk. While there is enough opportunity for worker's to get remunerated, it is equally important to make sure the expense is controlled and budgeted as per the employer stand point.

Perform Job evaluation: We access the relative worth of jobs in the organization. This helps us to gauge the employee with their responsibilities, knowledge, level of expertise and skill sets. Job evaluation will help in Loonanalyse as this will ensure defensible and equitable compensation structure is created in the organization.

Review Pay Structures: While business is focusing on its revenue generating options, we provide support by review the pay structure at regular intervals. This helps in building the matrix to identify the organization hierarchy and will also assist in determining placement requirements.

Participate in Salary Survey: With the help of these salary surveys, we will be able to assist our clients in determining what the industry standard salaries are for each job type. This information is important to create pay slabs for all the positions in the company. Loonanalyse will be more accurate and reliable if it is with the reference of the salary survey across the industry.